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Optic STB is, is where we all came to work together because we wanted to solve the biggest problem in online multimedia streaming plateform, which was, How to make online streaming more “Reliable” and User-Friendly? Despite having lived through the era of enormous technological developments, in some technological domains there still seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction among the users.

Just for an example the Printing Industry, no matter how much you invest on buying a Printer for copying or printing, you end up at least a few times in a situation where our printer´s software just stops working, and unfortunately in times when you badly needed it. This is an perfect example, where modern technological advancements fail to find solution of such old age problems involving “Reliability”.

The question of reliability and error free streaming experience lies at the heart of Online Streaming (Streaming of Multimedia content over the Internet). It is because there are a lot of factors which play a role in the quality of streams that are being carried over the internet. These factors include but not only limited to the internet speed, response time, quality of modem, quality of the TV Box and most importantly on the simplicity and efficiency of the software code that manages and plays it out all the way up to your TV Screens. This is where Optic STB and our whole team steps in.

We not only design but develop state of the art software solutions to be used in TV Boxes for an exceptional streaming experience. Each new solution that we implement insures the quality and stability new software modules after thorough testing before they are approved to be integrated in our top quality of the list OnAir Application.

Almost all of our efforts are focused on two main principles .

Entertainment must be fun, and there is no fun without stable and uninterrupted transmission.


Entertainment must have an ease of access, so our job is to make the devices user friendly.

Hundreds of similar looking products swarm the market every day but only a few have managed to catch the attention of end customers. Despite their well known presence in the market, they have failed to win customer trust and reliance, simply because they are too complicated to operate and activate. The reason behind this complication is because of the lack of awareness among software developers and designers about the needs and expectations of end customers. They make softwares thinking that the end users are also software experts so they can solve the puzzles themselves. Sometimes even their names are enough to project the level of complicacy which drives away normal customers from using them due to inadequate know-how.

Moreover, in order to make a user-friendly interface, the developer has to take the burden of complexity on the back-end, so the user can have a smooth and luxurious experience on the front-end interface. This requires exceptional skills and hours of brainstorming, which most of them are not ready to take on as having a team of competent software experts is rather difficult to find and maintain on a regular basis. Therefore most of our competitors buy ready made software solutions along with all the pros and cons in them and then with each new model, look for another off-the-shelf solution to replace the existing one with a minor change in hardware and software layout.

At Optic STB, we, on the other hand, hire top of the list software experts from all around the world on a regular basis and therefore we build our solutions from scratch and keep upgrading them regularly and as often as needed. New challenges arise and fall every day and we continue to keep up with latest developments in the multimedia industry and our products up to date. In addition to that in order to make our product interface more user friendly, we replicate and recreate real time situations to simulate user experience and make our front end interface in a way that makes it feel more luxurious and intuitive. Thanks to our team, even a layman can configure our devices without asking help from an expert.

We look forward to your comments, critique and suggestions.

About Brooklyn
About Brooklyn

Our Core Values

Our goal is to keep bringing in new luxuaries in Multi Media Streaming and to stay ahead of time. To acomplish this we keep looking for new ways and possibilities that Enhance our Abilities to Enrich User Experience.


The quality of being innovative, original, and inventive keeps our smiles alive, because we know that whatever we choose for our customers, in Thousands, will eventually become the market trend for Millions.


Unlike most Set Top Box manufacturers in the market, we do not choose used materials for our hardware to reduce costs. Whereas we choose quality over costs and our products speak for themselves.


Our Customer Support Team Work 24/7 to address your concerns and above. We do not keep our customers in waiting list in case any product malfunctions. We issue immidiate replacement on each single unit that we sell.


Things that inspires us, motivates us. Our passion for doing something unique and putting up new objectives is what helps us stay ahead of others.

Team Spirit

Team work is the cornerstone of our Organization. We have a common saying among us, Think Big and we will follow you.

About Brooklyn
"Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi

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