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optic stb gt-x uno vs Gloria force gt-x uno


Get Optic STB GT-X UNO For High-Quality Graphics

so here are discussing the comparison between optic stab gt-x uno and the Gloria force gt-x uno. if they buy a particular product from a particular site. obviously, the customer knows better what they are up for but it is just a simple comparison for the user to get to know both the products more effectively.

design structure:


first off, we’ll start of by discussing both of the box’s designs, the Gloria force gt-x uno was not so mesmerizing and did not look that appealing because it has round edges and has a really sharp Shein. Whereas the optic stb gt-x uno has a compact casing looking design with the sober user interface which attracts people and looks mesmerizingly attractive. it’s black in color having a matte finish make it look even more attractive.

streaming and video graphics

both of the boxes have a 4k hd resolution. the optic stb gt-x uno has cool features along with the enhanced graphics that helps user having a great experience while they’re binging on a show. on the other hand, the Gloria force gt-x has really sharp graphics.


Optic STB | Beyond Limits

The optic stb gt-x uno has a of Processor AMLOGIC S905 X3 chipset, 2GB RAM , 16 GB ROM , Graphics of HDR10+ 60 FPS and the gloria force gt-x uno has S905X3 64-bit quad core ARM® Cortex™ A55 and An Android version 9.0.

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