IPTV Set Top Boxes vs. Smart TVs: The Smarter Choice?

January 12, 2023
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IPTV Set Top Boxes vs. Smart TVs: The Smarter Choice?

In the world if IPTV, (Internet Protocol Television or TV via internet) there are more than 50 Million users worldwide who watch IPTV. 67% of them uses Set Top Boxes (STBs) or Over The Top (OTT) Boxes whereas other users connect using Android Apps available on Google Play Store or Apple App store which are mostly free or cheaper as compared to these STBs or OTT Boxes.

The Market of IPTV is growing very fast and has already replaced the old method of streaming TV channels and movies like TV Antennas and Cable in Europe, USA, UK, and and it is more likely to do the same in other countries as well.

As everything has its pros and cons, similarly, IPTV Technology has some flaws as well as a lot of benefits. Its 10 to 20 times cheaper than an average cost of Cable including paid TV channels, Movies and Series but on the other hand the stability of transmission and the medium that it uses for the transmission (both hardware and softwares) is still under question.

On an average, the free or paid versions of Software Applications that are available in the market is much more unstable and prone to various interruptions during streaming than their counterpart STBs or OTT Boxes.

This trend has been changed just recently after a major security upgrade by major Middleware Transmission Distribution Software Programs, used by IPTV Providers to deliver their content.

After this Security Upgrade which uses serial number of the Hardware based IPTV Streaming Devices (STBs or OTT Boxes), almost all these hardware based TV Boxes started to have connection problems and remain no longer stable like before. Big names like Formuler, Infomier, Dream Box, Enigma 2 Technology Boxes, Buzz TV, Xsarius, Amiko and many other well recognized STB manufacturer brands have lost their market trust as they have series problems connecting to Modern IPTV Providers because of their upgraded Softwares.

Only a few STB Manufacturer companies Arrox, and Optic STB [https://www.opticstb.tv] has found solution to this problem and secured their market trust by sending immediate online update right after couple of weeks and emerge as Market Leader in the world of IPTV Streaming.

The STB Models from Optic STB works with 99% of IPTV Provider Panels. Moreover they have many useful and interesting features which no one else has introduced yet. These features are more valuable to the IPTV Providers than IPTV Users as they doesn’t compromise the security and anonymity of the IPTV content provider as well as the streamer or IPTV Users. Two main features include Portal Setup using a short code and Built in VPN Application that sustain anonymity for both the IPTV Provider and the IPTV Customers.

An IPTV Provider can easily activate a device made by Optic STB using their online website tool for Device Activation either using Stalker Portal method or Xtream API / M3U Link with ease.

For IPTV users, The Optic STB Boxes have intigrated a QR Code Portal input system through which they can just scan the QR Code from their OnAir Application’s Portal Settings Screen and enter information using their Smartphone Devices instead of entering portal information using their TV or STB Remote Control keys which was a difficult and breathtaking work indeed.



IPTV Set Top Boxes vs. Smart TVs: The Smarter Choice?

For many people, the choice between an IPTV set-top box and a smart TV can be confusing. Both have their pros and cons, which makes it difficult to decide which is the better option. In this article, we will compare and contrast these two types of TVs and help you decide which is the best for you.

With the technological advancements of recent years, there are now several different ways to watch television. Two of these methods are IPTV set-top boxes and smart TVs. So, which one is the smarter choice? Let’s take a look:

IPTV Set Top Boxes:


IPTV set-top boxes tend to be cheaper than smart TVs. This is because they don’t have all of the bells and whistles that come with smart TVs. However, this doesn’t mean that they are inferior products – they still offer great features and value for money.

Ease of Use:

IPTV set-top boxes are very easy to use. All you need to do is connect them to your TV and internet connection, and you’re good to go. There is no complicated setup process or software required.

Variety of Channels:

One of the best things about using an IPTV box is that you have access to a wide variety of channels, including international channels that aren’t available on regular TV networks. This gives you plenty of choices when it comes to what you want to watch.

Smart TVs:

More Expensive:

Smart TVs usually cost more than IPTV set-top boxes. This is because they come with more features, such as built-in web browsers and app stores.

More Complicated Setup Process:

Setting up a smart TV can be quite complicated, especially if you don’t know how to use technology very well. You may need to spend some time tinkering with settings to get it working properly.

Less Variety of Channels:

Compared to an IPTV box, a smart TV has less variety when it comes to channel options. This is mainly because not all channels offer their content through streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus.

IPTV set-top boxes and Smart TVs are both great choices for those looking to upgrade their home entertainment system. However, there are a few key differences between the two that you should be aware of before making your decision.

The biggest difference between IPTV set-top boxes and Smart TVs is that IPTV boxes can be used to watch live TV, while Smart TVs can only be used to watch pre-recorded content. This is because IPTV set-top boxes come with an aerial input, while Smart TVs do not.

Another major difference between the two is that IPTV set-top boxes allow you to pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV, while Smart TVs do not. This is because most Smart TVs run on specific software platforms that do not offer these features.

Finally, IPTV box owners have more control over what they watch than Smart TV owners do. With an IPTV box, you can choose which channels you want to subscribe to and which ones you don’t. You also have the option of recording programs onto a hard drive or USB stick for later viewing. Smart TV owners are limited to the channels that their TV provider offers them and cannot record any programs.


So, which one should you choose? If you mainly want to watch pre-recorded content and don’t need the added features offered by an IPTV box then a Smart TV would be a good choice for you. But if you want more flexibility when it comes to what you watch and needs the ability to pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV then an IPTV set-top box would be a better option.



IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen vs. Smart-TVs: Die klügere Wahl?

Für viele Menschen kann die Wahl zwischen einer IPTV-Set-Top-Box und einem Smart-TV verwirrend sein. Beide haben ihre Vor- und Nachteile, was die Entscheidung für die bessere Option erschwert. In diesem Artikel werden wir diese beiden Fernsehertypen vergleichen und gegenüberstellen und Ihnen bei der Entscheidung helfen, welcher für Sie am besten geeignet ist.

Mit den technologischen Fortschritten der letzten Jahre gibt es jetzt verschiedene Möglichkeiten, fernzusehen. Zwei dieser Methoden sind IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen und Smart-TVs. Also, welches ist die klügere Wahl? Lass uns mal sehen:





IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen sind in der Regel billiger als Smart-TVs. Dies liegt daran, dass sie nicht alle Schnickschnack haben, die mit Smart-TVs einhergehen. Dies bedeutet jedoch nicht, dass es sich um minderwertige Produkte handelt – sie bieten immer noch großartige Funktionen und ein gutes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis.



IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen sind sehr einfach zu bedienen. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist, sie mit Ihrem Fernseher und Ihrer Internetverbindung zu verbinden, und Sie können loslegen. Es ist kein komplizierter Einrichtungsprozess oder Software erforderlich.


Vielzahl von Kanälen:


Eines der besten Dinge bei der Verwendung einer IPTV-Box ist, dass Sie Zugriff auf eine Vielzahl von Kanälen haben, einschließlich internationaler Kanäle, die in normalen Fernsehnetzen nicht verfügbar sind. Dies gibt Ihnen eine große Auswahl, wenn es darum geht, was Sie sehen möchten.




Smart-TVs kosten in der Regel mehr als IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen. Dies liegt daran, dass sie über mehr Funktionen verfügen, wie z. B. integrierte Webbrowser und App Stores.


Komplizierterer Einrichtungsprozess:


Das Einrichten eines Smart-TVs kann ziemlich kompliziert sein, insbesondere wenn Sie nicht wissen, wie man Technologie sehr gut einsetzt. Möglicherweise müssen Sie einige Zeit damit verbringen, an den Einstellungen zu basteln, damit es ordnungsgemäß funktioniert.

 Weniger Kanalvielfalt:

Im Vergleich zu einer IPTV-Box hat ein Smart-TV weniger Vielfalt, wenn es um Kanaloptionen geht. Das liegt vor allem daran, dass nicht alle Sender ihre Inhalte über Streaming-Dienste wie Netflix oder Hulu Plus anbieten. IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen und Smart-TVs sind beide eine gute Wahl für diejenigen, die ihr Home-Entertainment-System aufrüsten möchten. Es gibt jedoch einige wichtige Unterschiede zwischen den beiden, die Sie kennen sollten, bevor Sie Ihre Entscheidung treffen.Der größte Unterschied zwischen IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen und Smart-TVs besteht darin, dass IPTV-Boxen zum Ansehen von Live-TV verwendet werden können, während Smart-TVs nur zum Ansehen von aufgezeichneten Inhalten verwendet werden können. Dies liegt daran, dass IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen über einen Antenneneingang verfügen, Smart-TVs jedoch nicht.Ein weiterer wesentlicher Unterschied zwischen den beiden besteht darin, dass Sie mit IPTV-Set-Top-Boxen Live-TV anhalten, vor- und zurückspulen können, während Smart-TVs dies nicht tun. Dies liegt daran, dass die meisten Smart-TVs auf bestimmten Softwareplattformen laufen, die diese Funktionen nicht bieten. Schließlich haben Besitzer von IPTV-Boxen mehr Kontrolle darüber, was sie sehen, als Besitzer von Smart-TVs. Mit einer IPTV-Box können Sie auswählen, welche Kanäle Sie abonnieren möchten und welche nicht. Sie haben auch die Möglichkeit, Sendungen zur späteren Betrachtung auf Festplatte oder USB-Stick aufzuzeichnen. Smart-TV-Besitzer sind auf die Kanäle beschränkt, die ihnen ihr TV-Anbieter anbietet, und können keine Sendungen aufzeichnen. 


Welche sollten Sie also wählen? Wenn Sie hauptsächlich aufgezeichnete Inhalte ansehen möchten und die zusätzlichen Funktionen einer IPTV-Box nicht benötigen, ist ein Smart TV eine gute Wahl für Sie. Wenn Sie jedoch mehr Flexibilität wünschen, wenn es darum geht, was Sie sehen, und die Möglichkeit benötigen, Live-TV anzuhalten, vor- und zurückzuspulen, ist eine IPTV-Set-Top-Box die bessere Option.


IPTV Set Üstü Kutular ve Akıllı TV’ler: Daha Akıllı Seçim? 

Birçok kişi için IPTV alıcı kutusu ile akıllı TV arasındaki seçim kafa karıştırıcı olabilir. Her ikisinin de artıları ve eksileri var, bu da hangisinin daha iyi bir seçenek olduğuna karar vermeyi zorlaştırıyor. Bu yazıda, bu iki tür TV’yi karşılaştıracağız ve hangisinin sizin için en iyi olduğuna karar vermenize yardımcı olacağız.Son yıllardaki teknolojik gelişmelerle birlikte artık televizyon izlemenin birkaç farklı yolu var. Bu yöntemlerden ikisi IPTV set üstü kutuları ve akıllı TV’lerdir. Peki hangisi daha akıllıca bir seçim? Hadi bir bakalım: 

IPTV Set Üstü Kutuları:Maliyet:

IPTV set üstü kutuları, akıllı TV’lerden daha ucuz olma eğilimindedir. Bunun nedeni, akıllı TV’lerle gelen tüm çan ve ıslıklara sahip olmamalarıdır. Ancak bu, onların kalitesiz ürünler olduğu anlamına gelmez – yine de harika özellikler ve paranızın karşılığını verirler. 

Kullanım kolaylığı: 

IPTV set üstü kutularının kullanımı oldukça kolaydır. Tek yapmanız gereken onları TV’nize ve internet bağlantınıza bağlamak ve hazırsınız. Karmaşık bir kurulum işlemi veya yazılım gerekmez. 

Kanal Çeşitliliği: 

IPTV kutusu kullanmanın en iyi yanlarından biri, normal TV ağlarında bulunmayan uluslararası kanallar da dahil olmak üzere çok çeşitli kanallara erişiminizin olmasıdır. Bu, izlemek istediğiniz şey söz konusu olduğunda size birçok seçenek sunar. 

Akıllı TV’ler:Daha pahalı: 

Akıllı TV’ler genellikle IPTV alıcı kutularından daha pahalıdır. Bunun nedeni, yerleşik web tarayıcıları ve uygulama mağazaları gibi daha fazla özellikle birlikte gelmeleridir. 

Daha Karmaşık Kurulum Süreci:

Akıllı TV kurulumu, özellikle teknolojiyi nasıl kullanacağınızı çok iyi bilmiyorsanız oldukça karmaşık olabilir. Düzgün çalışmasını sağlamak için ayarlarla uğraşmak için biraz zaman harcamanız gerekebilir. 

Daha Az Kanal Çeşitliliği: 

Bir IPTV kutusuyla karşılaştırıldığında, akıllı TV kanal seçenekleri söz konusu olduğunda daha az çeşitliliğe sahiptir. Bunun başlıca nedeni, tüm kanalların içeriklerini Netflix veya Hulu Plus gibi akış hizmetleri aracılığıyla sunmamasıdır.IPTV alıcı kutuları ve Akıllı TV’ler, ev eğlence sistemlerini yükseltmek isteyenler için harika seçeneklerdir. Ancak, kararınızı vermeden önce bilmeniz gereken ikisi arasında birkaç önemli fark vardır.IPTV set üstü kutuları ile Smart TV’ler arasındaki en büyük fark, IPTV kutuları canlı TV izlemek için kullanılabilirken, Smart TV’ler yalnızca önceden kaydedilmiş içerikleri izlemek için kullanılabilir. Bunun nedeni, IPTV set üstü kutularının bir anten girişi ile gelmesi, Smart TV’lerin ise olmamasıdır.İkisi arasındaki diğer bir önemli fark, IPTV set üstü kutularının canlı TV’yi duraklatmanıza, ileri sarmanıza ve geri sarmanıza izin verirken, Akıllı TV’lerin yapmamasıdır. Bunun nedeni, çoğu Smart TV’nin bu özellikleri sunmayan belirli yazılım platformlarında çalışmasıdır.Son olarak, IPTV kutusu sahipleri, izledikleri üzerinde Smart TV sahiplerinden daha fazla kontrole sahiptir. Bir IPTV kutusu ile hangi kanallara abone olmak istediğinizi ve hangilerine abone olmayacağınızı seçebilirsiniz. Ayrıca programları daha sonra izlemek üzere bir sabit sürücüye veya USB belleğe kaydetme seçeneğiniz de vardır. Smart TV sahipleri, TV sağlayıcılarının kendilerine sunduğu kanallarla sınırlıdır ve herhangi bir program kaydedemezler. 


Peki hangisini seçmelisiniz? Esas olarak önceden kaydedilmiş içeriği izlemek istiyorsanız ve bir IPTV kutusunun sunduğu ek özelliklere ihtiyacınız yoksa, Smart TV sizin için iyi bir seçim olacaktır. Ancak, izlediğiniz şey söz konusu olduğunda daha fazla esneklik istiyorsanız ve canlı TV’yi duraklatma, hızlı ileri ve geri sarma yeteneğine ihtiyacınız varsa, o zaman bir IPTV set üstü kutusu daha iyi bir seçenek olacaktır.


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