June 23, 2022 admin

Gloria force

So, I wasn’t prepared on talking about this brand but this is getting worse day by day.
actually, the thing is that gloria force is a really reputed brand when it comes to tv boxes, their accessories and many other products that they sell.

GloriaForce - UNO

I respect that. But the thing that I am concerned about is that they do not have any sort of originality in their content, all they do is just copying somebody’s almost all the things that they had on their website is plagiarized that’s is the only thing I am concerned about.
They copied our website content. Not only a single blogpost or something but almost everything from the about us page to the product descriptions and all.
Well, I don’t have any sort of personal friction towards them or their brand it is just like you can’t copy somebody and become someone that’s why I am writing up this blogpost.

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